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I'm a musician.

However I pay the rent or the mortgage at any given time, the 20 years I spent intensely playing the piano shape what I do. When I'm waiting somewhere, I tend to move my fingers imperceptibly, playing silently through a memorized passage. And when I'm listening, I make constant distinctions and judgments - oh, that was a lovely phrase; whoops, that G# was a bit high; isn't that tempo a bit fast to sustain through the whole movement? ... When I have the opportunity, I'll sum up what a musical event sounded like as a whole and how the experience was.

We started a music project in 2003: Klassik-in-Berlin is a classical music portal for the Berlin scene - previews, reviews, and more - conceived and run by my husband and me. We get lots of hits - the demand for high-quality information and opinion about classical music in Berlin seems to be out there. Stephanie Citron interviewed me about the website at a writing workshop.

For a while, the previews were published in a monthly English-language paper called The Ex-Berliner, an annotated cultural calendar cum introduction to the city for non-German speakers, and the reviews in several online publications in both English and German.