apt words

Apt words. Words that fit the bill, suit the purpose. To the point, honed.

I experience something - for instance, a great Bach concert, a poorly structured novel, a conversation with an eccentric scholar - and I sort through my impressions, filter the experience, and capture the scene for you, my reader. You get a sense of the event, a dash of Nancy, a few minutes of amusement or insight.

That's how I started my writing journey anyway.

But there's been a shift in what interests me - I find I want to move beyond the first person and my own version of the world to tell other people's stories. That's why you'll find reviews in earlier years, essays throughout the years, and ventures into fiction and plays more recently.

I'm honored that you've chosen to join me on my writing journey - virtually, at your convenience, across time zones. Please feel invited to dabble in what I've written and published so far.