about me

I live in what will probably be permanent European exile. With a college education (bachelor's degrees in piano performance and French and German) and a Master's of Music in my bag, I set off to seek fame and fortune in the city of West Berlin, then still enclosed by the infamous Berlin Wall. I've long since settled for good in a rooftop apartment in my all-time favorite city, Berlin.

I first found a job teaching piano a few afternoons a week, which brought in enough to lead a modest life. When that that wasn't enough to keep me happy and fulfilled, I made a career jump, becoming a translator, consulting editor and communications consultant at international consultancies for twelve years. And then the biggest jump of all: founding a company together with my husband. No more bosses, no more working to meet someone else's agenda.

Interestingly enough: now that I'm not travelling around Germany and Europe for my employer every week, I find I have more time and renewed energy to write. Pieces are getting published, I'm taking part in public readings, I have many ideas for projects things are moving!